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Our live media platform is a not just a multi-format, multi-protocol solution that delivers media rich content across multiple screens and platforms.  Simply put, it is the most efficient and flexible streaming server available, delivering enterprise-strength and cost-lowering performance.

Through our live media solution, you can:

Distribute video and audio to any screen, including iPhones, iPads, Androids, Set-Top-Boxes, All Web Browsers and more!

Secure your content with encryption, stream aliasing, ingest points and DRM.

Robust mechanisms to secure your unique content in ways appropriate to your needs.

400% more efficient than other leading media servers allowing you to serve over 12,000 streams from a common server!               



Our live media solution comes with many great features including, but not limited to, the below:

  • Extensible by allowing functionality to be extended for your application and infrastructure.
  • Unified by being capable of ingesting a single live video stream from various encoders (MPEG-TS, RTMP, RTP) encoder and concurrently transforming and redistributing the stream to any other endpoint including PCs, Macs, mobile phones, tablets, and televisions.
  • Scalable by being able to serve a few users to hundreds of thousands
  • Reliable by being proven and tested under high-traffic environments and deployed worldwide by enterprise content publishers and service providers demanding maximum uptime and reliability.

Our streaming solution can meet your live and on-demand streaming needs through robust load-balancing allowing you to infinitely scale as needed while keeping your hardware and licensing costs at an absolute minimum.


This solution is ideal for customers who require a low-latency solution that is scalable and highly-available across all continents.

Our CDN solution includes:

» Geo-targeted service endpoints with minimum latency
» Extremely fast connectivity and service to end-users
» Redundant encoders
» Redundant service points
» Store and scale as you grow
» No limits for user peaks (ability to serve up to 5,000,000 concurrent users easily)
» 100% Solution Uptime SLA
» Extremely fast connectivity to end-users
» No limits for storage, concurrent users and bandwidth
» 100% availability from source (encoders) to service points (end-users)


This solution is similar to the Server-Based Streaming solutio with the only difference of being able to scale up when needed. It is also ideal for customers who require custom and tailor-made changes to the streaming solution.

This solution is ideal for customers who require custom and tailor-made changes to the streaming solution. A typical server is able to serve up to 2,000 concurrent users and provides full control over video platform configuration, features, components, customization, etc.