services & solutions

As hibrid, our differentiator is the optimized and carefully breeded hosting mix that builds up our solutions. The result is a secure and high-performance hosting solution. This includes:

Compared to other standard hosting solutions, our servers usually perform, on average, 6-8 times faster given the same hardware and application being hosted.

Furthermore, all our hosting solutions are bundled with the below:

» Hardened Server Security
» Hardened Network Security
» Hardened Hosting Account Security
» Redundant backbone networks
» 100% uptime SLA
» 3-Hour hardware replacement
» Daily backups included
» 24/7 automatic and human monitoring
» Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
» DDoS Mitigation and Protection
» Email, HelpDesk and Phone Support included

Shared hosting packages are ideal for small businesses who do not have heavy traffic through emails and on their website.

Decision making usually involves knowledge of number of emails, disk space needed and expected monthly traffic.


Virtual servers (VPS) offer an affordable and flexible alternative to dedicated servers. They function similar to a dedicated server, but run on a flexible virtualization layer. Virtual servers suit small to medium workloads.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for businesses that have high limits at the level of computation, storage, bandwidth, or emails. It is also ideal for businesses where data sensitivity is an utmost concern as well as for solutions that require special configurations, components, 3rd party software, etc.

Cloud hosting is typical for solutions that are expected to face sudden rising needs in terms of space, computation, performance, etc.  Cloud solutions are flexible and allow for easy upgrades / downgrades on-the-go as needed.

Our cloud hosting solutions emphasize on delivering what companies are searching for in cloud technology and expert support. Control, flexibility, reliability and transparency are all built into our cloud-based network and solutions.

Features and Benefits include:
» 24x7x365 live, expert support via email, help desk and phone
» Flexible cloud resource pools that support custom-tailored needs
» Hands-free auto-scaling with customizable thresholds to control
» 100% network uptime SLA
» Enterprise-grade infrastructure
» Firewall, Private Net, backups and templates included

Extreme hosting solutions are ideal for solutions that require continuous availability within extreme conditions such as sensitive content-oriented websites, important mass-oriented events, sudden traffic peaks, server high loads, etc.

Solutions are normally categoried into the following:
» High-Availability Hosting: usually involves load-balanced web servers, clustered database servers, synchronized content management and load-balanced domain name servers
» Clustered Hosting: usually involves clustered file systems for static content, clustered database servers for dynamic content, clustered storage solutions, etc. with full support for load-balancing, mirroring, synchronization and service failover.
» Secure Hosting: ideal for websites that require extreme security at all levels including network traffic, server configuration, website configuration, etc. This usually involves encrypted communication channels from and to the server as well as hardened security at the level of the server, application and network.
» Anonymous Hosting: ideal for websites that require anonymous hosting for all issues related to competition, politics, etc. This usually involves: proxy identity for all public requests as well as secure and confidential communication channels for all business-related issues.