about us

Hibrid stems from a long history with networking, servers, operating systems and server applications. It first started from the need to have servers that can hold large applications and serve a large number of visitors at a low cost without sacrificing network and hardware quality.

Our mission is to serve the ever-changing market through market-oriented solutions that provide superior performance, bullet-proof security and high quality at optimal prices while maintaining solid integrity.

Throughout the years, we witnessed how each piece of software aimed to excel in specific areas. Aiming towards security, performance and quality of service, we started breeding software and hardware configurations together to achieve new solutions that excel in various areas instead of focusing on just one area.

This helped us accomplish various achievements at many levels including, but not limited to, superior performance in shared and dedicated servers; application performance within dedicated servers; and a low-cost content distributed network (CDN) with bullet-proof security and optimal performance.

Our vision is simple: if team work targets perfection by combining knowledge, so does breeding solutions to produce customer-oriented and market-oriented solutions.

Hibrid started back in 1999 in an attempt to build a control panel – code-named siteadmin - for LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) servers. The need for this control panel was to fill the gap back then for a hosting control panel that sets security as its priority.

The expertise that we gained while building this panel enlightened us on various networking features, operating system features and hardware features. As other control panels started emerging through large companies, we focused on breeding various panels together to fill the gaps within each one of them. This allowed us to guarantee our solutions through an SLA that we manage rather than simply reselling other solutions with their own SLAs. This simple fact created the notion of “the hibrid signature”. This signature became a core part of our Service Level Agreement in every solution that we started offering.



With hibrid, performance is re-defined. Your applications will enjoy superior performance compared to any other solution with similar hardware. As a matter of fact, your application will perform at least 400% better on our servers than on any other similar server out there.

With proper application security in place, you can rest assured that your solution will be bullet-proof. If you are not sure about your application security, our consultants can help you secure it properly.

Integrity is the main driver. Our 24/7 customer-oriented support team not only serves your requests but consult and educate truly and honestly.